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Maui Behavioral Health Resources Board of Directors

When Maui Youth & Family Services, Aloha House and Malama Family Recovery Center merged in 2008,
the three agencies’ Boards also united into one new overarching Board of Directors.

Board President

Brian Moto, J.D.

“Like my fellow Board members and volunteers, I serve to advance hope and renewal in the lives of those seeking mental health and release from addiction. We believe in the possibility of change.”

Board Vice President

Melanie Vallejos, DDS

“I am on the Board because I like to be involved in my community and because there is a special place in my heart for those with addiction challenges and especially for the women with children that we serve.”

Board Treasurer

Mason Williams

“I strongly believe in our unified MBHR vision and each agency’s mission. Our people are really good at what they do and we get some amazing results. We aren’t just changing lives with Aloha, we are saving lives!”

Board Secretary

Amy Petersen

“I serve on the Board because I care about the people in our community. The dedicated staff of all three agencies positively impact the lives of so many on Maui, and as a Board member I want to support the incredible work that they do every day.”

Maren McBarnet

“I was on the MYFS Board many years ago and several years ago I felt it was time to serve on the Board again. The agencies had just merged so it was an honor to be able to serve on the Board of the three agencies who do so much for our community. I marvel at the dedication of the staff to the cause of helping people conquer their addictions.”

Tom Leuteneker

“We will never be free of drug and alcohol abuse. It affects the abuser and their family. The knowledgeable and professional staff of our three agencies intervene to help these people and their families, from all ages, infants to the elderly.”

Jerry Welch

 “I am on the Board because I have a strong desire to help those that need the specific aid that the agencies provide. I have run successful businesses and have close friends and family in recovery so the missions are close to my heart.”

Tokie Ogawa

“I am honored to serve on the Board of MBHR. The three agencies play a critical role by helping and changing the lives of the most vulnerable populations in our community. The impact they make is tremendous and I am excited to contribute to the continued success of the three agencies.”

Karen Temple

“The services offered by MBHR are vital to our community. I am excited for the opportunity to serve on the Board and support the MBHR mission and staff.”

Lester Nakamoto

 “I am extremely privileged to serve on the Board of MBHR. Our three agencies provide tremendous support for some of the most vulnerable sectors of our population and have positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals over the years. The work they do is vitally important to the community and helps change lives for the better.”

George Carlson, M.D.

“I am on the Board because I want to see our agencies continue to provide a beacon of hope for people that struggle with addiction. I want people to know that there is hope right here in our community and for MBHR to continue to be a vital and vigorous organization that makes a difference in people’s lives.”

Chuck Dando, Jr.

“I am on the Board because I want to make sure that everyone in our community who needs help, whether it is because they are dealing with addiction or need extra support because they are in foster care, gets the assistance and services they need.”

Kelli Myers