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About Us

Aloha House, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1977 to provide outpatient and residential treatment for individuals addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs. Since that time, the mission has expanded to include provision of comprehensive, family-centered behavioral health interventions for the prevention and treatment of individual and family dysfunction.

Aloha House has two components: a Substance Abuse Services Division and a Mental Health and Social Services/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division.

Substance Abuse Services Mission:

To assist individuals addicted to drugs and/or alcohol so they can achieve and maintain healthy and sober lifestyles.

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Aloha House makes it possible for adults in Maui to change their lives and the lives of those closest to them. We help people discover their strengths and learn from their pasts as well as find new ways to live. Our staff members are passionate about helping people become happy and healthy. Read more

Substance Abuse Services

Aloha House staff members meet with potential clients and/or family members to interview them and determine the most appropriate level of care. This is done without judgment and with staff members fully supporting the client as they get the help they need. When someone is resistant to getting help, the interview process can sometimes help shift their motivation and way of thinking. By talking with a staff member in this capacity, it is possible for someone to decide that he/she does in fact want help.
Aloha House provides classes about the mental, physical, emotional, legal and social impact of drugs and alcohol.
Group treatment plays a big role for those seeking help at Aloha House for addiction, as having people interact in this format can very powerful for those dealing with substance abuse issues. Group counseling sessions are healing for many because they provide an opportunity to learn about addiction, explore and understand underlying issues and problems and to be with others with similar experiences and traumatic backgrounds. Clients can participate in group counseling sessions both through our outpatient and residential programs.
Individual treatment provides a place for clients to explore feelings related to family history, traumatic events and other issues with a qualified mental health and substance abuse professional. In order to not only get clean and sober but also to understand why one is behaving in a certain way, clients need a place to explore and address these issues more in-depth than is possible in the group treatment environment. Individual treatment is offered both through our outpatient and residential programs.
Addiction is a family disease because almost everyone, not only the person experiencing substance abuse and addiction issues, is affected. We believe that working with the family is an important part of the recovery process in order to facilitate healing, forgiveness and reconnection.

Mental Health and Social Services/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Mission Statement:

To help individuals and children with emotional and behavioral impairments achieve optimal functioning in their schools, homes and community.

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Aloha House’s goal is to help people live healthy, happy lives. We have therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other professionals who can help people deal with issues related to family, work, relationships, depression, anxiety, etc. Read more

Mental Health and Social Services

Our experts can help children and adolescents dealing with a wide range of issues, whether it is related to bullying, anxiety and fears, acting-out, family problems, attention problems or other issues. The problems can hurt individuals’ academic performance, and we can help them get “back on track” at school. Working with a caring therapist can make a tremendous difference in a youth’s life. Our staff can also help evaluate and treat developmental delays and autism-related disorders.
Our doctors, social workers and counselors provide evaluation and treatment. Psychiatrists with specialized training are also available to help those whose treatment involves medication.
Our Intensive Family Treatment Program helps families who have been referred by Child Welfare Services, and specifically Family Court/Drug Court. The changes we see every week in families and individuals involved with this program are tremendous and inspiring.
Crisis Mobile Outreach: All Maui County residents can call the Hawaii State Department of Health’s ACCESS Line and get free 24/7/365 help from Aloha House staff if they are experiencing a mental health crisis. The toll-free number is 1-800-753-6879. Please call 911 if you and/or someone else’s immediate life or health is in danger.

We also provide Crisis Support in the form of follow-up, short-term case management for those who need to be connected with mental health services.

Our Approach

Aloha House utilizes a full continuum of care as well as “best practices/evidence-based practices” in the fields of mental health and substance abuse/chemical dependency. Our first step when working with someone is to conduct a thorough assessment in order to provide the least intrusive level of care possible. Once someone has started treatment, we regularly reevaluate his/her needs and individual progress toward treatment goals in order to recommend the most appropriate next steps, whether it is moving from residential to outpatient care, from residential to day treatment, from day treatment to outpatient care, etc. Services, including treatment and discharge planning, are fully integrated with appropriate public and private agencies to ensure treatment gains are sustained upon re-entry into the community. We encourage and help clients create and engage with active support networks to ensure long-term recovery.

Aloha House has highly qualified clinical leadership and dedicated support staff. The clinical management team includes professionals in the fields of social work, psychology and psychiatry, which supervises employees and contractors in those fields as well as nurses, marriage and family therapists and paraprofessionals.

We focus on quality outcomes for clients by employing rigorous supervision standards as well as ethical and clinical requirements. We work hand-in-hand with State clinicians to determine the best quality of care for consumers as well as with a variety of Hawaii State government departments, including the Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD), Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD), Department of Education (DOE), the Judiciary and Department of Human Services (DHS). Staff participates in ongoing training to ensure we are utilizing the most current and effective methods of intervention.

Family Involvement

We strongly believe that family involvement can be imperative to a “successful treatment experience,” so clients are encouraged to allow family members to play an active role. This can only happen, however, once a client signs the necessary confidentiality release forms. If a client wishes to have family involved in the treatment process, he/she still retains confidentiality rights — clients know that issues that surface in treatment will not be discussed with their family unless he/she provides prior approval.

Respect for Clients

All clients are treated with respect and dignity and as human beings who are capable of making positive choices and changes in their lives. Treatment is “client driven,” meaning that clients are involved in the treatment planning process and sign all treatment plans. Staff members share all recommendations made by the Treatment Team and keep clients updated regarding their level of progress towards treatment goals and strategies. Client rights and measures of confidentiality are strictly enforced and clients are encouraged to utilize the grievance process for perceived or realized conflicts with staff or other clients. Each staff member is individually trained in the areas of ethics, integrity and professionalism to ensure appropriate and professional client care.

Our Leadership Team

Jud R. Cunningham, LSW, Aloha House, Inc. Chief Executive Officer

Jud attended college and graduate school in West Virginia, earning a Master’s degree in Social Work from West Virginia University in 1973. He also completed post graduate work at the University of San Francisco, earning a certificate in Rehabilitation Administration. Jud has over 35 years of experience in behavioral health and human services, including nearly 25 years as an administrator of behavioral health organizations. His work includes positions in the Navajo Nation, Arizona, Washington State and Hawaii. He also taught in the Department of Psychology for several years at Maui Community College. Jud has provided leadership for and served on the Boards of numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Maui Mental Health Association, the Maui Memorial Medical Center Ethics Committee, Maui Child Welfare Service Advisory Council, the Hawaii Substance Abuse Coalition, Hawaii Job Corps Community Advisory Council and the Kahului Rotary Club. Jud enjoys basketball, golf, playing guitar and singing with his musically inclined friends, as well as enjoying the natural beauty and fun of Maui. He has served as the CEO of Aloha House, Inc. since 1995.

Nicole Hokoana, Aloha House Chief Operating Officer

Nicole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy. She’s had the privilege of working in multiple settings — with youth on middle and high school campuses, with young adults at University of Hawai Maui College and with families at Child & Family Service. She served as a Program Director and Individual/Family Therapist at Child & Family Service for 4 years, before taking on the Director position for the agency. She began working at Aloha House in 2018.

Anthony (Tony) Arcuria, LMFT, Aloha House Substance Abuse Services Division Clinical Director

Tony received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Dominican University of California and Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. He has specialized training in treating those impacted by trauma and addiction-related issues. He has worked in a variety of settings including sober living homes, outpatient and residential programs, schools and at-home family interventions. He oversees Aloha House’s Residential Treatment and Detoxification Programs, Sober Living Program, Outpatient Services Clinic and Drug Court Program. He has worked at Aloha House since 2013.

Heather Wittenberg, Psy.D., Aloha House Mental Health & Social Services/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division

Heather runs Behavioral Health Services of Maui, LLC, which provides management and consultation for Aloha House’s Mental Health & Social Services/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division. She grew up in Hawaii and has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 1996. Her clinical specialties include maternal-infant health, early childhood development, intensive and in-home family-focused services, as well as rural issues in psychology. Dr. Wittenberg manages and supervises clinicians in Aloha House’s counseling programs. She supervises post-master’s and post-doctoral interns and fellows as part of Aloha House’s initiative to train needed, high-quality clinicians for the families of Maui County. She also consults with local agencies and clinicians working with the “0-3” Early Intervention population.

David Wittenberg, Psy.D., Aloha House Mental Health & Social Services/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division

David runs Behavioral Health Services of Maui, LLC, which provides management and consultation for Aloha House’s Mental Health & Social Services/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division. He supervises and trains counselors in the Co-Occurring Disorders program and manages and consults with Aloha House’s mental health programs. Dr. Wittenberg is actively involved in the direction of Aloha House’s first County-wide Crisis Response Team and other related services for those with serious mental illness. He maintains a small private practice and specializes in men’s and couples’ issues and has been a manager and supervisor with Aloha House since 1997.

Bob Lanser, LCSW, Aloha House Mental Health & Social Services/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division  

Bob received his Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from San Diego State University, specializing in clinical mental health practices. His credentials include: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW – Hawaii), Qualified Clinical Social Worker (QCSW) and inclusion in the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW), awarded by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Bob began his career in mental health in 1974 and has worked in both the private and public sector. His experience includes clinical services for children, youth and families. He also specializes in working with adults with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. In addition, Bob has extensive experience in program development, supervision and clinical service management. Bob has worked with Aloha House since 1997 as a senior clinician and as a co-director of clinical and management services. He helped establish the Mental Health & Social Services Division. In 2002, Bob helped establish the Dual Diagnosis Program (now called the Co-Occurring Disorders Day Treatment Program).


Aloha House accepts most insurance plans. For those without insurance or unable to pay for services (or for programs in which insurance cannot be billed), we are proudly funded by the following:

  • Hawaii Department of Health – Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division (ADAD), Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD) and Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD)
  • Hawaii State Judiciary
  • Hawaii Department of Human Services – Child Welfare Services (CWS) and Benefit, Employment & Support Services (BESSD)
  • Maui County
  • Maui United Way
  • Private Foundations and Charities
  • Corporate Donors
  • Individual Donors

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